Simercom started providing repair, revision, maintenance service solutions to the Textile Industry in 1999. Our services continue since then, by incorporating every changing high-end technologies.

It has been our target to develop and offer local solutions, helping our customers being dependent to foreign sources. Thus, became irreplaceable solution provider to our clients. “Do not stop your production” That is our motto and promise to our local and multinational customers, most of which are leaders in their respective industries, supported by our alternate, out of the box solutions.

It is also one of our targets to be able to support the Turkish Arm Forces in their localization efforts by offering local solutions by taking advantage of technological advancements within the county.


Offering faster, better, smart solutions to our clients in each of the field we work in, adapting the ever changing and developing technologies, developing appropriate teams.


Simercom Elektronik has started its journey by providing consultancy services in the field of textile since 1999. Since the day it set off, it offers solutions to its customers within the scope of revision, repair and service activities, using today's advanced technologies.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of minimizing the foreign dependency of its customers, has become an indispensable partner for its customers with its R & D studies in this direction. It has provided and continues to offer alternative solutions to leading national and international companies, supported by the slogan "FINDING SOLUTIONS FOR TOUGH PROBLEMS".

We shall adhere to national and international standards. While; making use of local and renewable resources, keeping customers, employers happy, safe and satisfied. Turning new technologies into knowledge, and efficiency, ever developing, professional organization that adds value to local, national economy.

- By collaborating with the manufacturers that we are authorized service point for,
- We work to fore pass customer’s expectations in the electronic equipment repair, maintenance sector.
- Our Quality department strives to upkeep with ISO9001 requirements.
- Continuous improvement on process efficiency to surpass the industry averages.
- Supporting our personnel’s’ development by offering them continuous workshops and courses. Building our team of knowledgeable, skillful, and capable people.
- Making quality an accepted and internalized fact
- Supporting planned, well organized project teams.
- Encouraging result and customer-oriented work
- Following and adapting developing technologies to reduced cost, increase profitability.
- Establishing trust with the customers and vendors.
- Working to offer the most efficient and economically viable solutions to all our customer base.
- Adding value to our field, and the local economy is part of our quality policy